About Us

Confidence and strength can create wonders and magic.

And that's what Kala Kashi provides, Kala Kashi brings the charm of the beautiful city, Varanasi ( also known as Kaashi) and the mystique journey of weaving art.
Derived from the fusion of Hindi and Sanskrit words "Kala Kashi, " loosely translated to "Art of Varanasi/Benaras, " the brand Kala Kashi promises quality, authenticity, and elegance. We take inspiration from the rich culture of Benaras, and the fearless precision of Indian women.

Kala Kashi comes with 50 years of legacy being carried forth across second generations of the family with unfaltering promises towards quality and authenticity. We at Kala Kashi endured striking the perfect balance between ancient and modern refinement through meticulous designs in gold and silver threads.


Our range of Kala Kashi offerings is rooted in creating the magic that makes every woman confident and elegant. Our product is defined by what we have conceived and aspired to deliver, which indeed is portrayed in our work

Kala Kashi Store

India — J10/9-A - Baqarabad Jaitpura, Varanasi, UP - 221001

Phone: +91 82995 28263
Email: support@kalakashi.com